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              ∼A Philosophical Blog that captures the Daily Sensation of Life, its Events and the Thoughts that run through…
Articles of Life is a community dedicated to helping improve all aspects of our readers’ lives. We provide practical advice, information, resources and the motivation to help our readers realize their full potential in Life. Main mission is to engage with the community, the circle of those that love life, to help one another form substantial life philosophies that will be our guide in life journey.

Life is more of a mystery; no one really knows what it is and what is entailed in it. This blog discusses all areas of life in details, it is meant to show the sides that life has and at the very end you will be able to make your own decision on what it is that you want in life, what legacy you want to leave behind and how you want your life to end.
To be above it all you need to rise above the common thoughts of man. The walls will fall on your feet, the mountains and hills will pave way for you, the river, the sea and the ocean will flow to the side for you to pass through. Nothing will tie you down in thoughts, feelings or worries. You will be your own maker, what you decide will happen and what you command will cut through.

We are visitors in this strange land, where we came from we do not know and where we are going is still unclear to us. Hence we have to find a way.

The Scribbler finds Nature and all its facets amusing and he writes of it as he is spoken to. Here, we shall learn together how to play the Game of Life, to see deep into the questions that have no answers and have the Inner Enlightenment …thereby THE ARTICLES OF LIFE.***