What a sting that we cannot control…


The End of life
The End of the world for each man,
The Closure for the living souls,
The End of the road,
The End of the chapters.

What an enemy that wins

When the end calls, no matter what, however hard we may try to hold on to life, we cannot. The call has to be answered, and we all have to go.

I have been in a funeral and I have seen how this enemy can take away life from a man and moreover take away part of life from the living.

We bid farewell to our beloved friend as he takes a ride to the next world but not forgetting that he is just ahead of us for we are heading there soon or later. The rest of the living men will bid us farewell too.  One train that we all have to board.


I hear the wife give a speech.  Smooth words from the very soul, words of hope, love, desire and finality. It takes a keen heart and mind to feel connected to her world.  My body moved close to the sound of her voice and I felt as if she was speaking directly to me even though hundreds of people sat around her. This is one of the many special talks that I don’t want to miss even a single word.

In half an hour we listen to the story of Mr. B, the life he had, the way he moved and the great things he has done for his family and the friends.

Just one day to bring about the whole 51 years to a conclusion. Painful to see one of us go, slide to the unknown world. Many people tilted their hats for Mr. B, the wife, the sons and the daughters. An exemplary life well lived, with honor and integrity. Never forgetting the ultimate of it all, righteousness.

We cannot praise ourselves, but other men will do. He did his part with grace and as he was called to it. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

burial articles of life

Later in the day,  I walk to the main road and I see this boda boda guy carrying a coffin heading to western, there I know someone is dead and is going inside that casket.

A casket, the last structure to humanly hold the remains in the ground.   

That evening an accident happens and a tuk tuk driver dies instantly. Where can the good men hide, if not accident, then diseases, if not diseases, then natures calamity, if not that then murder, and if not all then senescence.

Two days later, as I journey back to Nairobi, 10 km past Eldoret I see tents with a coffin in front, another dead soul being buried.

Then I started having this recollection, before I traveled home for Mr.B’s  burial, I had been with another family mourning their grandma. A beautiful soul that was more of a friend to the entire community. I remember the way she used to call my name, with a certain tone that made me smile every time. She always thought of me as her son.

death articles of lifeSo many deaths, we just hear of others but we cannot be there for all, but we expect that the community is one and we shall all represent one another and be there for one another.  

What a world, what a life.


Death is an enigma, we cannot fully understand it, because we cannot see it in full. It is there, a part that all living things will face.

To be alive is to die. The moment we are born, we are born to death. Very hard to accept, for it makes no sense unless the period for living is significant.

One place that gives us hope is the bible, though we die we shall live again, through Christ. Hope. What I see is that, life Is death and death is the beginning of true life. Just believe, an element with no way to prove its factuality, but its truth lies in not knowing, but accepting as true, like the wind not seen, though it’s there, we see its action on the leaves, the dust and can feel it across our faces.

Men have died before and many more will die, until the end of ages. Then considering this, we have to learn to live with this unfortunate circumstance. We have to move on, learn to live after death and we will have defeated death already.cemetery articles of life

The main purpose of death is to take the joy, the happiness, the life out of the living but what if we let death be, give it what it wants and we take what we can have from that period of living. For that is our power. Life is our power.

We can live, and use the time allocated to us to see all that needs to be seen, do all that needs to be done and live the life that needs to be lived.

From the story of Adam and Eve, one disobedience brought the punishment of death. Seems like God did not like that act so much. Disobedience. If told to follow, you better follow the rules.

We all know of this but we cannot accept it in our minds, follow the rule and you will be safe, follow the rule to live.

Let the tree of knowledge be, curiosity killed the cat, for sure the cat died. However, there is the tree of life and if Adam could have found a way to get to that tree then men could have lived forever, but No, God hid it from him, and guarded the garden. No one in. No more eternal life, just suffering, pain and death.

We are all the same from birth to death, from our mother’s womb, to the grave yard. A lonely dark land, where all men take their LAST SLEEP.  

The truth will always remain, and the reality of the journey is clear to all, the grave awaits. An intriguing title full of wonder and debate, with no definite answers.

I wonder where to hide, where to find solace and who will save us.


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