What I See In Everything

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Nothing stands alone, Everything is connected.

I walk down the road late in the evening as the sun is setting at the horizon, beautifully yellow giving gentle golden rays. 
It is calm, quiet, a little windy and cold. Young men have taken their girls out for coffee at glass walled restaurant. I can see the smiles and even hear the sweet giggles and laughter.

Children are out playing across the road near their homes with much happiness. I wish I was a child once again. Old guys are walking their dogs as they make small talk with the neighbors about last night news and the current events that might disrupt their peace.

Nothing is as beautiful as this, looking at what makes the town, the market, the city be what it truly is;

A Peaceful society for all.

harmony-articles of life

I see harmony, I see happiness and I see love.

This is gold of life for all men, what more could we ask when we have the very thing that makes us sleep through the night. 
But it is only for a moment, for time has carried all the elements of nature and it must give it all in proportion. That’s why it is said, ‘enjoy when you still can’.

The next hour I fear walking down that road because of what am going to see.

I see fights, I see pain and I see hatred.

The weather is gloomy, the sun has been covered with dark nimbus clouds. It is drizzling and unforgiving wind gusts tempts to carry everything in its path.

Everyone is in a hurry to get to a shelter; nobody stops for anyone. The old struggle to make a run, which is like climbing a sixty-degree slopped mountain. Most shops have closed and few people are on the streets.

I see no life here.

Most times we talk about religion but we never stop to ask ourselves what we truly believe.

Every day I ask myself about this faith, 

What do I believe in? 
What is it that I’m living for? 
What is my daily call for action? 
Why do I need to be here?

For everything to make sense, there must be a reason behind it, or else we are swimming in a cloud of desperate uncertainty. 
It has become challenging to find reason, in relationships, in our personal struggles, at work, within our faith and the whole universe at large. This shows how hard it can be to live a simple life.

It seems as if we have to let all the things go and just live a day as it comes not worrying about much in order to get by. This might be the only answer to living a simple life and the rest we leave them for the gods.


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