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We have to do Ourselves..

We have been following the wrong teachings for a long time now, some ideas that have led to our efforts going down the drain. To be effective, all the strength and effort we put to something has to produce expected results. When working, if something does not function as needed, then there will be no need to continue with it.

Our lives of prayer has been with the notion that only prayer will get things to work, but since old age times, men did pray but also put their minds and bodies down for action. Prayer is important, it creates a calm mind and feeling, it is also the only way for men to talk to God as far as we all know. We make our request to God then await for the answer. We don’t know how the answer will come, we have no idea that he has listened to every word we have spoken, we just believe with faith that the words we have spoken have been received.

If God hears our words when praying, then he must have heard all our words since we were born. If God knows every strand of hair in our body, then He must be knowing all the tiny details about our lives more that we know. If God is everywhere then He knows everything more than we can imagine. Our idea of Him is not as we thought. Whatever God is, is something that cannot be compared or understood by our lower level mind. The level that we are, we are far away to be in a position to comprehend the tiniest bit of his Might.

Why do I say this, I cannot count my own hair, I only eat and sleep, but my body works and functions perfectly. Whatever is going on here I cannot even understand one bit of it all, how can I level myself with such being having immense power like that. We cannot. We will never be able to.

Our level is low, and for whatever the reason we were put here, then that is what we need to follow. Live by our stage, play by our rules and see clearly the true picture of this place.

What are the principles that cannot change?

What are the laws that bind us?

What are we in natures true sense?

What can we do and what are we not able to do..

Finding the answers to this questions is taking a huge burden of our lives out of our backs and also settling the confusion that has been here over the centuries. The thing is knowing our limits and keeping the equilibrium.

According to the bible, the great book, we were cursed and send out to this place as a way of punishment. We disobeyed and this is the price we pay, to toil and to die. It is no good thing. Very painful and disheartening. We cannot do anything to change this, we have no power. This is among the items we must know that we have no control over.

The price is big to pay but we have to.

I always wondered, if I was Adam could I have made the same decision and allowed myself to eat the fruit that Eve passed to me? I will never know, because that very environment can never happen again. What about you, do you ever wonder of the same questions. If given the mantle to carry that same responsibility for the entire society, what would you have done.

One man, just one man, or rather one man and a woman, changed the course for the entire humanity. Another thought always clings to my mind, why is it that some men in this earth can determine the fate of others. People have control over other people’s lives, for example parents can control the lives of their children, the leaders can control the lives of their followers, the people in government can control the lives of the citizens and so on. This is how the people above can change and alter the lives of the people below or the people that come after them. I look back in history and the same thing has happened. Whatever the greatest men and women did whether good or bad, has changed the Now. Let’s assume that some other things happened or they did not do anything, then for sure things would be different as per now.

Back to Adam, his actions and his companion made life to be as it is now. If they could have done it differently, life could have been different. We shall check on that analogy on another article later.

We have the free will to decide, and as we have seen whatever we decide having the law or the principle in play, is that the people coming after us will benefit or suffer the consequences. From this we should make good decisions that make life better, more freedom, more love, more respect and other virtues that count as holy and worthy. Simple way to live, nothing much, just to make life on earth bearable as we pay the hefty price, toil and die.

Us having the power or wanting the knowledge from that tree has given us the ability on this place called earth. We can live and survive. But eventually the bigger picture will take effect. We pray to fit in the bigger picture, to be taken under the wings of the one above, but still it appears to me that we have to do the actions ourselves. You have the mouth – speak, you have legs – walk, you have the heart – feel. For what purpose would have God given you these parts and then come to take the actions himself? His work would not be labeled to be perfect. It is perfect because it is self sustaining. The body sustains itself, the living things maintain themselves, the earth prolongs itself, the suns re-energizes itself, the universe works in its own progression. This is now perfect in all its sense. one will make your feet move without your command, no one will make you live without your desire…no one will do your part without your effort, for it is up to you to make it all work. Putting all other things constant, all the variables that may alter our logical reasoning, we may reason that life is yours, the days are yours, the decisions are yours, so is the initiative. Whatever you want, whatever you desire, you can achieve. The point where we pray, where we talk to God, is a place we shall never know, and have no clues.

Belief. You choose to or you choose not to. You can choose to believe that it is all your effort or rather to believe that it is not. But before that, your Initiative.

The things are here, whatever we need is here with us, we do not need more. If I want love, it is here, If I want food, it is here, if I want money it is here, if I want beer, it is here, if I want women, they are here, if I want to see the ocean it is here. My Initiative.

live your dream articles of lifeSome things are not here, I cannot fly like a bird, I cannot live in water, I cannot live without eating, I cannot live forever, I cannot move mountains, I cannot change oceans, I cannot make a seed grow, I cannot make my body stop growing. These we cannot do. Beyond us. I cannot pray for these.

So what do we do, we pray for what can be done, and do what we can do.


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