Sticking a balance: The best way to live your life

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Placing matters upfront, Part of the title is misleading as there is no best way one can live their life. Because life is a journey; it is a process. The proper way to venture through is to experience each moment as it comes.

Although, there are hurdles along the way that make the process of living unbearable. Also, external factors such as upbringing, family background, and others play a significant role.

You have no control of where you are born, but you can venture a new path for yourself. To do so, you need to master the art of striking a balance in several areas of your life. Here are a few of the fields to place your attention.

Work on Communicating effectively

The very first thing you did when you were born is cry. But according to a post published on science focus,   not all babies cry with the first breath. However, if the infant is not reunited with their mother within a few seconds after birth, then they will cry. Naturally, the first cry will kick start   the child’s lungs.

Arguably, the baby is communicating. Meaning, proper communication should be second to nature. But it is not for most. Some are slow at reading social cues and expressing their views, such as those with mental retardation.

When you learn how to express yourself better, you will not have trouble socializing and interacting with people. In a way, this will make you live a better life.

Work on Your Relationships

From the start of life, you have a family. Remember, for a person to be your family, it is not paramount that you are related by blood. Friends, community and strangers can become family at some point. Generally, the family entails those close to you.

You should learn to treasure and appreciate them. Spend time with family. Celebrate their victories and be there for their defeats. The relationships you build as you go along will determine how best you live your life.

For example, if you always quarrel and fight with people who care about you. You do not value them. Then, they will pull back and leave you to deal with your situations.

Meaning, if you find yourself in a tricky situation, then you will have no one to support you. And this is not a pleasurable way to live. Begin mending your relationships to enjoy your life better.

Work on Your health

There are two categories to a person’s health; Physical heal, and mental health. What you should strive for is bettering both.

As for mental health, the best way you can deal with it is to limit stress factors. Besides that, you should build a habit of reading books or engaging in activities that strengthen your memory.

On the other hand, you should focus on your physical health. Plus, this will help to improve your mental health. Because, when your body is ailing and not functioning accordingly, you are prone to worry, and this builds stress.

To build your physical health, you should do two things. One is to eat healthy. Eating healthy means eating a balanced diet. The other thing to do is exercise regularly. Exercising helps your body stay active. As you do both do not forget to maintain good hygiene.

When your body is feeling great, and your mind sharp. OH! Trust me; you will feel a change in your life.

Work on Your Finances

The hard reality of life is that you need finances to do most things. Buying food, traveling, clothes, entertainment and many more. Growing up, you have your parents providing for you. But it reaches a point where you have to fend for yourself.

Luckily, there are plenty of job opportunities and business ventures to ensure everybody sorts out their finances. Although, in third world countries like Kenya, the unemployment rate is at 9.30 per cent. This can be a limiting factor combined with the lousy economy.

Yet, it should not serve as an excuse. Having had formal education and learned several skills, use them as the sky should be the limit. Always yearn to increase your capital. And when you believe in it, you will get it once you put in the work.

Work on your Religion

There is diversity when it comes to religion. We have Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and many others. As a Christian, my analogy Is from the Bible. Desire spiritual growth and having a connection with God.

The Bible, in 2nd Corinthians 5:17, reminds Christians that faith comes from hearing the word of God. So read your Bible, and decide to live according to how God instructs. This way, you will be at peace and generally live a fulfilling life. 

Additionally, as a Christian, it is important to attend church. Here you will have people to stand with you and walk with you in your walk of faith. Do not be a lone wolf. As previously stated, you need strong relationships in life.


There is no best way to leave your life. Trust no one who tells you they have a secret on how you should live your life. Only you can live your life. And in doing so, you will make many mistakes.

Do not let that mistakes/setbacks pull you back. Always find to pull yourself up. Not forgetting to focus on the areas pointed above. Try not to focus on one and neglect the other. Create balance. This way you will be happy with the life you live. 

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